Monday, June 19, 2006

I have Issues


Under the rafters and through the vents,
To Pastor’s study I go.
The radio’s tuned, but no song is crooned;
It’s “Issues” on KFUO-O!!

I really like that Pastor Wilkin. Do you think it would be forward of me to recommend he snazz up his mention of the Ft. Wayne seminary on Issues, etc.? I’m sure with the help of the Kantorei, a brass ensemble, and a certain prehistoric animation’s theme song, it would be a grand success with the young gentlemen.

Fort Wayne! Come to Fort Wayne!
It’s our fav’rite stoneage se-mina-ry!
You’ll learn doctrine’s bedrock,
Exegesis, and church history.
Then drive o’er to CURF right up the street;
You’ll find Luth’ran ortho-babes to meet!
When you’re there at Fort Wayne,
You’ll have a Scaer time, a Pless and Resch time,
You’ll have a Gaaaaard oool’ tiiiiiiime!!!

Or for the family men considering seminary, try this:

St. Paul has a Children’s Choir for you,
And there’s lots of stuff for wives to do!

Speaking of the Flintstones (Well, we were. Sort of. Remember, squirrels jump from tree to tree, so try to keep up.), I always liked them for their six-literal-day creation theme: people, dinosaurs, birds, fish, and mammals all living together at the same time…. Yabba-dabba-doooooo!

Friday, June 16, 2006


NUT-MEISTER?!?!?!? Humph, that preachy little mouse thinks she's so smart. They don't call us squirrels “The Clowns of the Treetops” for nuttin’! Or do they…..